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Small (Micro) Wedding Ceremony at Occasion on Main in Gastonia, NC

Updated: May 21

Are you dreaming of a small, intimate wedding surrounded by your closest friends and family in Gastonia, NC, and surrounding areas close to Charlotte, NC? The Occasion on Main offers a variety of worry-free micro wedding packages, where every detail is designed with intimacy and a personal touch in mind. 

When picking a location for your small wedding in Gastonia or Charlotte, here are a few quick tips:

  • Consider Your Vision: What backdrop do you see when you imagine your wedding? Whether it's historical, floral, or artsy, there's a venue that fits.

  • Think About Your Guests: Consider their comfort, especially if your guests include older individuals.

  • Check What's Included: Some venues offer chairs, tables, and even decor packages. See what each venue provides to manage your budget and final cost better.

Remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love and your unique story. Whether you hope for something laid-back, elegant, or unconventional, the main micro-wedding packages are ideal for executing your vision. 



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